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Smart Transaction Protocol

We aim to simplify user accounts, making them accessible and user-friendly. We are committed to enhancing the experience for developers and end-users, facilitating seamless integrations, and constructing the infrastructure to expedite the adoption of smart contract accounts. At Aarc, we are developing a Smart Transaction Protocol. This protocol is not an operating system in the traditional sense, but it plays a similar role in the Account Abstraction ecosystem. It serves as a comprehensive layer that builds upon the core account infrastructure, offering solutions that further enhance the capabilities and adoption of smart accounts.

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Deposit Kit

Provides developers with a seamless solution for transferring assets from externally owned accounts (EOA), popular centralized exchanges, or fiat on-ramps to any user account.

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OpenAuth Kit

Get persona-based user accounts with interoperable MPC-secured keys, no lockins, backward compatibility with existing wallets, and default session keys for all users.

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Delegation Kit

Enable end-users to delegate signature and spending control of their user accounts to third parties, such as AI agents, bots, intent-based solvers, or other on-chain entities.

Unpacking Deposit Kit

We provide a one-stop solution for fund abstraction with Fund Deposit Kit (SDK, API, and Widget). Developers can easily enable users to onboard funds from any chain, exchanges, or onramps.

  • Single-stop solution for fund abstraction: We combine inflows from exchanges, browser wallets, and onramps into a single kit, solving all fund-related issues in one place.
  • Dynamic Smart API for Developers: Aarc offers an API that dynamically returns call data based on user and developer preferences, simplifying the development experience to minutes.

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